Tyersal Park, Swinnow Moor and Queens Park are each being kitted out with a trim trail made up of a multi-purpose composite hard-wearing track with distance markers. Each one will also have eight pieces of gym equipment, which will each target a different muscle group, meaning that people will get a free gym experience.

There will also be a community orchard in each park made up of 22 fruit trees. Other improvements (benches/bins) will follow and are not part of the original scheme.

“Health in Green Spaces”: this is the Pudsey motto. An idea was brought up by Cllr Simon Seary to build a walking path around Queens park so people didn’t have to get covered in mud when walking their dogs. That  then evolved into a bigger project to include all three parks with the idea for gym equipment from by Cllr Mark Harrison and the idea for a community orchard coming from Cllr Trish Smith.

It’s been a group effort by all three councillors to make this happen. “The track is being dug out deep, then a membrane is added, then the hardcore is put down, before the top coat is added which will be gold in colour. “It’s going to be a proper job. The track will be wide enough for two people to pass each other or a wheelchair or pram to travel along. There won’t be any edging on the track to avoid any trip hazards and to help with mowing. “The trees that will make up the orchard will be substantial in size, not whips, to avoid any vandalism. The gym equipment will be dotted around the track. People will be able to get a full gym work out for free.